VAT Returns

At Monetta, we understand that submitting VAT returns can be daunting. Dealing with HMRC and ensuring that VAT returns are filed correctly, and on time, can be stressful for small, medium, and even larger businesses with years of trading behind them. This is where Monetta can help.

We offer a completely personalised service, tailored to suit your budget. Whether you want to free up your time by outsourcing the VAT return process to us, or you suspect you have been overpaying VAT, or perhaps you want a second opinion that your business is VAT compliant, or maybe you just have a technical VAT query; our VAT team can help.

We act as a trusted VAT return accountant for many businesses. Our dedicated VAT and bookkeeping team is ready to learn about you and your business and create a VAT solution, tailored to fit your needs exactly. 

How can we help?

Certain businesses need to apply specific VAT rules which can make the process more complex. Monetta have a proven knowledge and our experience can make sure that your business is fully compliant.

Our VAT return service includes:

  • Assistance with VAT registration;
  • Tailored advice to your business

  • Identifying the most suitable VAT scheme;
  • Assisting with transition between VAT schemes; 
  • VAT control and reconciliation;
  • Completion of accurate VAT Returns;
  • Ensuring VAT Returns are submitted on time;
  • Avoidance of penalties and interest; and 
  • HMRC compliance and representation at VAT tribunals.

Why use a VAT Return Accountant?

Despite the regularity of VAT returns, they remain a tricky area for many businesses. Even in-house finance teams, well experienced at submitting VAT returns, can make costly errors that could be avoided.

HMRC VAT enquiries can also be very stressful. When notified that HMRC have raised a VAT enquiry, you will have no choice other than to assist them complete their investigation. During an enquiry, Monetta can guide you and your team, to assist HMRC with maximum cooperation, offering timely advice at each stage of the process which will ensure the right result is reached in the end.

Why choose Monetta?

Established for more than 40 years, we are professional, diligent, and trusted by our clients to always put their needs first. Our team of friendly, flexible accountants will do their best to work around your schedule and needs. We answer our phones straight away and if we are not free, we will call you back as soon as we can. 

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