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Whether you manage residential or commercial properties, there can be significant benefits in taking advantage of property accounting services. The expertise of bookkeeping, accounting and property tax specialists can not only streamline financial operations but also enhance the overall profitability and efficiency of your property investments.

Monetta’s main aim is to help our clients achieve the success that they work so hard for, and this applies to property owners, too. We have a wealth of experience in supporting individuals and businesses who own residential or commercial property to meet all of their accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning needs.

From preparing simple rental accounts and tax returns for individual buy-to-let investors, to complicated tax planning relating to moving commercial premises into a director’s pension pots, to Capital Allowance claims and advice; Monetta can help.

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Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances are one of the most under-used and un-claimed allowances which can result in businesses paying too much tax to HMRC. Don't pay too much tax, ask for help.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is a tax on a profit or a gain made when an asset is sold. For example, when a business, a shareholding or a property is sold for a higher price than it originally cost, the seller may incur Capital Gains Tax. This tax can be as high as 28% meaning that your Capital Gains Tax liabilities can represent a significant portion of your profits from a sale.

Rental Accounts

Whether you rent out a single property or have a portfolio; if you are in receipt of rental income, then the net profits must be recorded in a certain way and be reported on a Self-Assessment Tax Return. We look after many private landlords; so we know what we are talking about.

Property Accounts

Our property accountants specialise in managing the financial aspects of real estate properties. Their responsibilities encompass a wide array of financial tasks, tailored to the needs of each client. We work with both commercial and residential property owners and can offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the requirements of each individual landlord or business.

Monetta's experts can take responsibility for preparing detailed financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Together, these documents provide a clear picture of the property's financial health and can be used to inform strategy and decision-making. We can also analyse these reports to identify trends, forecast future financial performance, and advise property owners accordingly. That way, you can be sure that you are prepared for changes in the property industry and any individual factors that might affect your property investment.

If you need further strategic support, we can help to create budgets for property maintenance, upgrades, and other expenses. That can help you to predict your expenses, plan for future expenditures and ensure that the property remains profitable. We can also apply our thorough knowledge of relevant property taxes to minimise your liability and calculate accordingly, so you can be sure that your financial forecasts are as accurate as possible.

We can also help you to implement legally compliant bookkeeping processes or carry out these services on your behalf. We meticulously track and manage expenses related to property management, whether that means utility payments, repairs, or maintenance costs.

Property Tax Advice

As well as qualified accountants, our expert team can support you with a variety of tax affairs. We can offer advice on the tax considerations that come up most often when managing a rental property or property portfolio, including the following:

  • Income Tax;
  • Capital Gains Tax;
  • Inheritance Tax;
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax; and
  • any other taxes that apply.

Beyond advice, our services include preparing tax returns on your behalf to ensure they are accurate and compliant, and help you to avoid any tax issues that might otherwise arise. Monetta can help to ensure that property owners adhere to all financial regulations and tax laws, thereby avoiding legal complications and penalties.

We can also identify any relevant reliefs, allowances or exemptions that can reduce your liability and save you money on your tax bills. For landlords who rely on rental income, it is vital to maximise your earnings by only paying the taxes you owe, and Monetta can support you through that process.

Why Choose Monetta?

Our qualified accountants for landlords have a strong knowledge of the UK property sector and the needs of real estate businesses. Whether you need support filing a self-assessment tax return, help in transitioning to the Making Tax Digital system, or a full-scale accounting service for a large property business, our experts are poised to help.

Monetta can also offer vital property tax advice and discuss any relevant reliefs and allowances that can reduce your tax liability. This can help to ensure your property business is as tax-efficient and profitable as possible, to set you in good stead for the future.

Monetta's landlord accountants invest time into understanding your finances and your objectives for your property business. As such, we can make sure that our advice is tailored to your specific needs. At the same time, we have a network of UK offices and the resources to scale our services according to your needs. That means that whether you are an individual landlord with a single rental property or a firm with a portfolio of properties throughout the country, our UK property accountants can deliver the right advice, bookkeeping, tax and accounting services that you need.

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However you manage your property, whether residential or commercial, Monetta can support you with a comprehensive suite of services. Our advice can help you maintain legal compliance in your accounting practices, and help you to save on your tax liabilities. Our tax experts can identify any allowances and reliefs that could minimise your tax burden, and help you to better manage your rental income.

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