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A comprehensive, well-written, and fully costed business plan will be extremely beneficial to any new or existing business. It can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. Business plans can be crucial when deciding what direction a company should take and can assist in setting and meeting future goals.

Business plans come in all shapes and sizes, and they are used in many different scenarios, such as business acquisitions, business sales, mergers, business expansion and securing new finance.

No matter why you need a business plan, the team at Monetta can help. We have assisted many businesses to create well thought-out business plans that have gone on to help those organisations and individuals achieve their goals. Our business plan writers can talk through your business idea and draw up a professional business plan that outlines your goals and aligns with your strategy.

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How can Monetta help with business plans?

Our experienced and approachable team will ensure no stone is left unturned. We will consult with you to establish your long-term objectives and once they are understood, we will help you create a comprehensive business plan that maps a clear route to success. Working with a professional business plan writer can often be the key to developing a clear and achievable business strategy, and can also maximise your ability to attract investment.

Knowing that each business is unique, our personalised service will be tailored to fit you, your business, and your budget. Service and support areas include:

  • Start-up business plans;
  • Business plans for businesses looking to grow;
  • Finance - Securing new finance or managing existing finance;
  • Business mergers and acquisitions;
  • Business sales; 
  • Improvements in profitability;
  • Risk management and improvements in financial controls; and
  • Cash-flow management.

We invest in all of our clients and work to understand their objectives in detail, which helps us to create bespoke business plans that set things on the right track from the outset. Thanks to our many years of experience in accounting, tax advice and other relevant services, we can offer vital guidance and consider every factor to make sure your plan is thorough, accurate and fully costed.

Management Accounts

While it is vital to have a business plan in place, putting it into practice is equally important and is often another matter entirely. Monetta believes that having a business plan is just the start of the process; once you have started your business journey, you will then need to keep its performance under review and adapt the business plan in order to make sure your business is a success.

The best way to monitor business performance is to maintain accurate management accounts. Management accounts are a summary of recent or real-time financial information which, if prepared correctly, will assist you to monitor and control your business. This is essential if you want to succeed. Through our flexible and dynamic service, the team at Monetta will ensure that your management reports are accurate, timely and contain all of the essential information required.

In addition to supporting you to monitor your business' performance; management accounts can have direct financial benefits too. Clients that prepare management accounts are more likely to identify un-claimed VAT and supplier over-payments; in addition, they are also more likely to take advantage of tax planning opportunities.

Cashflow & Profit Forecasts

Often, during your business journey, having an idea of what is coming next can be just as important as having a plan or monitoring your progress to date. Being able to forecast cash flow and/or profitability will be fundamental to a business that has to develop and adapt its plan.

Monetta can help you prepare cash flow and profit forecasts. We can also help you to interpret the results and, because we have a wealth of practical experience in helping actual businesses, we can also make recommendations on how you can improve profitability and cash flow.

Why Choose Monetta?

Business planning requires a thorough knowledge of market conditions and legal compliance. It can often be vital to work with a knowledgeable expert during the business planning process to ensure that targets are realistic, objectives are clear and measurable, and that all of your financial projections are accurate and achievable. Monetta has a network of offices in the UK, which allows us to draw on a wealth of expertise and resources, and scale our services to meet your business needs. We have worked with businesses in a range of industries, at all sizes from start-ups to large corporations.

Our business plan writing services are always tailored to your business and take into account specific industry factors, which helps to ensure they are as thorough and detailed as possible. We take the time to discuss your business idea in depth and to explore your objectives and strategy. That means we can make recommendations that align with your organisation's goals and offer a professional business plan writing service that delivers everything you need to launch your new business on the path to success.

Monetta's expert team has experience as more than just business plan writers - we have a proven track record in offering guidance on bookkeeping and accounting procedures, compliance, tax planning, and other vital aspects of starting and running a business. This means that once we understand what you want to achieve, your business model and the financial aspects of your plan, we will be in a strong position to support you throughout your organisation's life cycle, from start-up to international corporation - or wherever your ambitions will take you.

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