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Operating a limited company comes with additional responsibilities that many do not have the time to deal with. Our company secretarial services take away the complicated legal challenges that you may face, and having our full support, will allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best.

Whether you are just starting out or are an established business, our team of trusted and approachable accountants have a range of solutions that can be easily tailored to suit your needs, ensuring that you comply with local regulations.

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How can we help?

Once a company, or an LLP has been formed, the directors have a duty to keep Companies House informed of any changes and to keep Statutory Records in accordance with existing company law.

Monetta can deal with all the ‘red tape’ for you, enabling you to get on with the important things like ensuring your business is as successful as it can be. As part of our company secretarial services, we will:

  • Maintain the Company Statutory Registers
  • Prepare and file the annual Confirmation Statement
  • Update Companies House with changes in respect of; name changes, changes of address, share capital, share transfers, redemption of shares and purchase of own shares, appointment, and removal of directors, etc.
  • We also offer a Registered Office facility whereby you can use our office address as the official Registered Office Address for your business, which can assist in keeping the director's home address out of public view.

Why choose Monetta for your company secretarial services?

We are professional, diligent, and trusted by our clients to always put their needs first. We take the time to get to know our clients, learning as much as possible about their business and the industry which it operates in, so that we can deliver the very best service.

Our team of friendly, flexible accountants will do their best to work around your schedule and needs. We answer our phones straight away and if we are not free, we will call you right back as soon as we can.


Do all companies need a company secretary?

Since April 2008, unless there is a requirement in the company’s Articles of Association, private limited companies are no longer legally required to have a company secretary. However, many still choose to have one, because the important, time-consuming tasks that would normally fall on a company secretary, such as shareholder administration and communication and statutory compliance; still needs to be done.

In the absence of a company secretary, the directors of a company must take on this responsibility, and therefore, many private companies outsource these duties.

On the other hand, public limited companies (these are companies whose names end in ‘plc’) are still required to have a company secretary. This person is required to have “the requisite knowledge and experience” achieved by having a professional qualification (accountancy or company secretarial), a legal qualification, recent experience or other competencies which lead the directors to believe they can act as company secretary.

The company secretary is an officer of the company, which means that they may be criminally liable for company errors such as failing to file a document within the allotted time, or failing to submit the company’s annual return.

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