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Most businesses will need to be valued at some point or other; whether for a business sale or for taxation reasons. The company valuation process can be difficult, as it requires a thorough understanding of every factor that could affect the value. It is important to choose the right methodology and work with an experienced firm in order to generate the most accurate valuation possible.

Monetta is experienced in dealing with valuation negotiations, both with the tax authorities and other commercial organisations. Our written valuation reports can be used for a multitude of purposes and are created with your objectives in mind, which helps to ensure they are thorough, correct and suitable for your requirements. Thanks to our many years of work in this field and our network of resources, Monetta can provide a current valuation for your business no matter its size or the stage in its life cycle.

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Business Valuations

Valuing a business requires a lot of experience and good judgement. Your business will be unique, and whilst comparisons can be drawn to other similar businesses, our experts will work with you to identify the factors that make your business different. This will ultimately help to justify the valuation we give and ensure it is as accurate as possible.

We provide valuations for many purposes, including the following:

  • Partnership or shareholder retirements,
  • Business purchases or sales,
  • Share valuations for employee share schemes,
  • Negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs,
  • Inheritance tax valuations, and 
  • Forensic support

It can pay dividends to get an accurate valuation and, sometimes, it makes sense to get a second opinion when a valuation has already been prepared by a third party. Our valuations are always prepared using the most appropriate valuation basis and rather than being ‘theoretical’, our valuations are shaped by our significant experience of real transactions in which businesses have been bought or sold, or valuations that have been agreed with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

With a wealth of knowledge in company valuation models for private businesses of all sizes, Monetta is in the strongest possible position to provide business valuations that meet your demands.

Why Choose Monetta?

At Monetta, our business valuation service takes advantage of our many years of experience in applying relevant valuation methods to deliver the most accurate results for every objective. We will produce a valuation report that considers all the factors, including tangible and intangible assets, present and future cash flows, and any other elements that can affect the value of a business.

Monetta's valuation reports can support you with tax compliance and ensure you meet your obligations. Our business valuation service can also help to resolve shareholder disputes or support private companies in finding a buyer and earning a fair price. We will select the appropriate valuation methods based on the specific circumstances of your business, which delivers a more accurate estimate than a one-size-fits-all approach. Monetta has expertise in working with businesses across many different industries, which also means we can apply any relevant contextual factors and offer a deep understanding of the value of your business in the relevant context.

We are not just valuation experts - we also provide a wealth of related services to ensure we can meet all of your business' financial needs. With a network of offices in the UK, we can scale up our services for even the largest and most complicated businesses. At the same time, we never lose our personal touch. Our team is always invested in your organisation and will work to understand its objectives so we can support you to deliver on your ambitions.

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When you need an accurate business valuation, trust in Monetta. We can determine which method of valuation will provide the most accurate results for your purposes and draw from a wealth of experience to create a foundation for our valuation of your business. To learn more about our services, use our enquiry form to send a message by email or contact your local office.

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