Trust Accounts & Trust Tax

If you are looking to protect the value of your estate, the experienced team at Monetta can help. After years of building wealth, establishing a trust may be an effective way to protect your estate from inheritance tax. We assist our clients by developing tax-effective strategies for retaining estate value and to ensure that as much of the estate is passed on to future generations.

To assist you in looking after your family, our trust accountants can help you develop strategies to minimise inheritance tax.

What are trust accounts?

Trusts are commonly used in estate planning to protect the value of assets from inheritance tax. The assets placed into trust are managed by Trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Trust accounts are an annual financial summary of these assets and are used to help manage the trust fund, and also to report to HMRC the financial position so that any trust tax can be calculated. Assets which a trust fund can hold include:

  • Cash;
  • Property;
  • Stocks;
  • Bonds; and
  • Businesses.

Why use a trust accountant?

With any sort of accounting, individuals need to be aware of the taxes which may be due. Trusts can have differing rates of tax, so it is important to be aware of how the trust’s wealth can be affected.  

Factors, such as, the type, and the value of assets held, can impact how an estate is taxed, so it is always advisable to seek professional help in order to minimise tax. At Monetta, our trust accountants are experts in trust tax, and can help to protect your assets well into the future.

Why choose Monetta for trust accounts & tax?

At Monetta, our dedicated team of trust accountants can guide you through the creation of a trust to suit your specific needs. Offering a completely tailored service, we can create a trust to match your exact requirements.

Our experienced tax advisors will:

  • Offer expert tax advice on reliefs and exemptions available to minimise future inheritance tax;
  • Make sure your wealth is passed on in the most tax efficient way; and
  • Guide you on the use of Trusts to help protect your finances throughout your lifetime and beyond.

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